Replacing macbook pro feet

Now for something less business and profound and a little more practical.

Some folks have lamented about the feet on their Macbook Pro falling off. This works on a 15″ mid 2010 model. I’ve seen folks say that you can get these at the Apple store. Unfortunately, the only advice I’ve seen was to get a brand new bottom plate. This costs about $200. This is fine if you want a perfect bottom, but it’s really friggin spendy. Others have used felt bottoms, which doesn’t really have the right texture and will slip around.
My method involves scissors, electric tape, and a dime.
You can probably see where I’m going here. A dime is around the same size as the feet on a unibody macbook pro. What I did was cut smaller circles to fill in the hole where the foot was, so that it’s sufficiently raised. About 5 layers of electric tape circles will do. To cover it all, put the tape on dime, cut around it, and slap it on top. It’ll have about the same texture as the other feet, and will be fairly close to what was there. Enough to let your laptop be grippy enough till the next one you buy.

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